There's something so powerful about just having a truly honest & open, one-on-one conversation. As a completely self-taught photographer who started shooting weddings at the age of 17, I can attest to how frustrating  it is to try to break into the industry and how protective so many are about their competitive secrets. When I first started out,  I spent hours googling, posting n00b questions on Facebook groups and forums, and clung onto any sort of answer I could find. It's taken so much trial & a lot of error, many successes, and many failures to get where I am today. Wedding photography is not only an art, but also a business—and a huge turning point for me happened when I went to school for a marketing degree and applied what I learned to my own business. Over the past few years, I've found the power of how a strong and authentic brand has brought me the right type of clients that truly inspire me and fulfill my creative soul. I am a huge believer in community over competition and have found a great passion to help other photographers succeed by finding their own niche areas that truly fit them.   I'm excited to hear more about your business and I'll offer my very best advice to help you succeed.

—Love, Maddie :)

Some topics that have been relevant to my success that I'd love to chat with you about include  (but certainly aren't limited to):

Marketing & Branding

  • How to identify your ideal client... what is you "target market"?
  • How to create a strong unified brand that magnetizes your ideal client
  • The power of specializing—why "jack-of-all-trades" photographers often fail 
  • Creating a marketing strategy—what are the best ways to market yourself?
  • The psychology of pricing—how to price yourself so people book you
  • Packages—How can you create & communicate the value of what you do

photography & Editing

  • What gear I use and why
  • How to get amazing shots in very harsh, direct lighting conditions
  • What lenses to use to get the most "epic" look of landscapes
  • How to shoot successful tilt-shift photos
  • How to get real intimacy out of couples by NOT posing them
  • How I edit—and how to create your own presets

SEO & Social Media

  • How to design your site so that clients actually contact you
  • SEO—how to get Google to find you
  • Blogging—why is it important for SEO?
  • Instagram—how to grow your following & get couples to find you
  • Facebook—how to make Facebook ads that actually work
  • Pinterest—How I get real bookings from Pinterest

The Boring (but important) Stuff

  • Workflow—how to create a seamless experience for your clients
  • All the logistics—what programs & platforms I use to run & organize my business

Constructive criticism & feedback

  • Portfolio reviews & website critiques

2-Hour mentor session - $400

This is a no-topic-is-off-limits, completely open & honest conversation between you and me. I have found that these are the most productive & useful, if we focus on 2-3 topics in depth, instead of just scratching the surface.  I prepare for each session beforehand so please specify your main topics of interest below. 

If you're local to Colorado, let's grab a coffee, tea, beer, or some of my home-brewed kombucha in Fort Collins, Colorado. Otherwise, we can chat via Skype, Facetime, or Google Hangouts. 

Need extra help? You can get 3, 2-hour mentor sessions for $1000. We'll dig in deep!


Personalized live workshop & photoshoot - $900

This is a personalized 1-on-1 workshop in Fort Collins, Colorado—or elsewhere based on my travel schedule. 

For a full hour, using live models and an outdoor location,  I'll show how I use available lighting and scenery to create adventurous photos as well as natural posing techniques I use with real couples. Ask any questions you have about camera settings, the best lenses to use, helping couples relax and have fun, and how I use the sun, and anything else related to a live shoot.

Afterwards we'll hit up a coffee shop and chat for 2 hours about anything you're interested in. I'll answer any questions you have from the live shoot, or we can talk about any topic related to photography or business. 

*Upgrade to a 2-hour photoshoot with a couple in wedding attire for $300 more*

The little details: Because I'm an elopement photographer, and book so many weddings & elopements last-minute, dates for mentor sessions will be officially confirmed 2-weeks out. From May-October, my availability is very limited for mentor sessions & personalized workshops, and they are only available Mondays-Thursdays. 


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